I have always worked in one way or another in the world of trucks. Some of the trucks I have driven his tribute also on this page. Now that I am retired, and I have free time, I work on my two passions, painting and vintage trucks. find a collection of pictures of trucks I like, some I some I've driven and drawn by companies.

Creating commissioned originals paintings, of your trucks, vehicles or equipment. I hope you have enjoyed looking at these images, and please don't hesitate to email me if you wish to enquire about a commission.


Latest Work



1084 VANAJAN A 69-R 1960

1089 DOGE H4 JOB RATER 1951

Reproductions of my work make it possible for you to buy and display your favourite image from my range but no reproduction however good can match the impact and sheer presence of an original painting. When that original has been especially commissioned by yourself you have the extra pleasure that ownership of your very own work of art brings. When you commission an original painting from myself you become part of the creative process by your input into the resultant work of art. The painting will be personal to you, to your taste, your specification and, if you choose, your copyright too. There are few objects that show a real increase in value over the years but there is a very good chance that a Manel Maseras original will do so, but monetary value aside there is the knowledge that what you own is truly unique, a one-off in every sense of the word. Contact me to discuss your commission initially by phone or e-mail .




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Manel Maseras

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